Jan 14, 2015

Sunday, January 18, 2015 ONE SERVICE ONLY @ 10:00

Remember ONE SERVICE ONLY this Sunday at 10:00 AM.  Annual meeting immediately after service.  Please plan to stay for this important event of Trinity.

Jan 10, 2015

Hill Country Advocacy Center


A child friendly place where children who have been abused go to be interviewed so they can tell their story to trained professionals, followed up by therapy.


Girlfriends! It's that time again. Purse Bingo hosted by the Children's Advocacy Ctr. is Feb. 7th at the Marble Falls Pavilion and tickets are $35. Come with your girlfriends, have a little vino and a good time. Win the Dooney and Bourke shown here or another designer bag.

And another Dooney & Bourke!!! Hurry up February 7!!!

The Phoenix Center

More information may be found at: http://www.phoenixcentertexas.org/

Our mission is to inspire hope, health and healing by providing the highest level of care to every child and family through innovative trauma-informed therapy and education.

Two opportunities to support this outstanding organization in Marble Falls.

A Gift Horse 

The Phoenix Center invites you and your family to share in the Phoenix Center's mission to inspire hope and healing during an exclusive screening of "A Gift Horse," a family-friendly, uplifting film starring John Schneider and Kyla Kenedy, scheduled to release spring 2015.   Seating is limited. Please RSVP to Patia Strickland by Monday, January 15, by emailing Patia.Strickland@gmail.com.  

Sunday, January 25, 2015  4-6 at the Uptown Theatre

Boots, Blues & Boogie Ball 

Our main fundraiser - Boots, Blues & Boogie Ball is Feb. 7! This fun event features award-winning live music, gourmet comfort food and more! Learn more, buy tickets & donate on our secure website: www.phoenixcentertexas.org
If you can't make it, please consider making a donation to make life-changing care possible for children most in need.
Thank you in advance for your continued support!


Jan 7, 2015

Annual Parish Meeting January 18



Dec 24, 2014

Christmas Services

Christmas Eve Services will be at 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm on December 24th.

Christmas Day Service will be at 10:00 am on December 25th.

Office Closed

The office will be closed from December 25, 2014 until January 5, 2015.  Should there be an emergency, please call the office and you will be directed to someone who can help.

Nov 23, 2014

New Office Hours at Trinity

Trinity's office will be open Tuesday through Friday from 9-2. 

Thanksgiving week, the office will be closed Monday, Thursday, and Friday.

More Walls

Oct 29, 2014



Oct 7, 2014

Thank You from Christ-Yodar Animal Shelter/Adoption Center

We cannot Thank You and the Parishioners of Trinity Episcopal Church enough for your tremendous out-pouring of love and the wonderful donations of food and money to the Christ-Yoder Animal Shelter/Adoption Center (CYASAC) this past Sunday, 5 Oct. at ''The Blessing of the Animals'.  It is the Hill Country Humane Society/SPCA (HCHS/SPCA), your 501(c)3 animal welfare organization, that owns & operates the shelter.
We have an Awesome God and for sure His Holy Spirit filled your hearts to over-flowing with compassion to support this open-admission shelter (we do not turn an animal away) that provides services for Burnet & Llano Counties to care for the many animals brought to us and to manage its successful adoption program.  Lin 'off-loaded' the bags of Purina Dog Food, Puppy Food and Kitten Food, towels, doggie treats and other items with the help of a very grateful, newly employed staff member on Monday afternoon.  On Tuesday afternoon she delivered the cash donations of $200 and checks in the amount of $1,680.00, for a total of $1,880.00 to our finance manager (who was at the shelter for 'payday' and to take care of other financial matters).
Very significant, also, are the 7 parishioners who joined the HCHS/SPCA.  A strong membership will be the sustaining factor that helps to keep the shelter operational for years to come. All of the yearly membership dues supports the adoption program (shots, heartworm and feline leukemia/aides testing, cap-star (for fleas & ticks and almost every animal comes in with their share of those little critters) and Bortatella shots to prevent 'kennel cough'.  To join just see Dee Yoder @ the 8:00a.m. service or better yet - visit the shelter in Buchanan Dam during visiting hours - Sat. thru Wed. 11:00a.m. to 3:00p.m.  When you visit - bring your old towels, bleach (we use gallons of it to sanitize the animal areas, to include the exercise yards), Purina Dog, Puppy & Cat Food, doggie treats, and toys for the animals.  Be sure and let the staff know you are from Trinity Episcopal Church.  Ready to adopt a precious animal?? - save an animal at CYASAC.
Again,  Thank You for your gifts of love for the animals - Love Dee Yoder & Lin Christ  

Sep 25, 2014

The Blessing of the Animals

Celebrating the Feast of St. Francis
Sunday, October 5 ~ 10:30 am.
          Outside amongst nature, weather permitting.  If it rains, we’ll bring them inside!  Bring your most beloved pet, favorite family member or any critter needing God’s good grace to be blessed and adored in the tradition of St. Francis of Assisi.
All God’s creatures are welcome.
For safety reasons, please make sure all pets are leashed or confined.)
Donations of worn towels and pet food (Purina Dog Chow, Purina Puppy Chow (Healthy Morsels),
and Purina Kitten Chow) accepted gratefully by Christ-Yoder Animal Shelter in Buchanan Dam.  The animal shelter will also be accepting monetary donations to the Christ-Yoder Animal Shelter.

Aug 19, 2014

Breaking Ground September 7th

On September 7th, Trinity will have one service at 10:00 beginning with a ground breaking ceremony for the new parish hall and enlarged santuary, followed by a church service and Pot Luck lunch.  Parish Life will furnish the meat, and parishioners the vegetables, salads, and desserts. 

Honoring School Nurses

Sunday, August 24, School Nurses will be honored for all their work with students during the school year.  To help in their big job, Trinity will provide them with checks to be used as they deem plus packages of underwear and socks. 

These dedicated nurses are on the front line to serve the students and Trinity wants to make that a little smoother.

Bring packages of underwear and socks and if you wish to donate to the check distribution, make a check out to Trinity, for school nurses, and it will be added to our checks.


It's time for "BLESSING OF THE BACKPACKS" at the 10:30 service, Sunday, August 24, 2014.

All ages beginning a new year of learning, bring your backpacks for a special blessing. 

Jul 7, 2014

Update on Building Project

July 6, 2014

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

After a year or so of relatively slow progress in which the Building Committee has very carefully and thoroughly considered every option, debated the merits of every available possibility, had meetings with our architects, estimated costs and considered our resources, and consulted with as many different groups within the church as possible, the past month has seen an acceleration in the pace of our work, as we approach an actual ground-breaking in our new construction. Everything has fallen neatly into place thus far; our architects have done fantastic work, the building committee has worked tirelessly both to ensure a beautiful facility and to keep the project within our budget constraints, and Church Corp has given us the official diocesan approval we needed to move ahead with our plans. At a special meeting on Wednesday, July 2nd, the vestry gave final approval to the recommendations made by the Building Committee. As most of you probably know, the building committee has been doing most of the legwork in planning for our expansion, but final authority on all such matters is in the elected leadership of the parish, the vestry. It was the vestry who appointed the members of the Building Committee, and they now have voted to accept the recommendations of that committee. At our meeting on Wednesday, the vestry also voted to sign a contract with Grant Dean of Cactus Companies to oversee this project as our general contractor. Grant is a long-time parishioner here at Trinity, so I feel that a few things need to be said about this, in the interest of transparency. Most church leaders probably would not consider it to be a “best practice” to hire a parishioner in this capacity. There is, it must be acknowledged, the potential for conflict and resentment should any disagreements arise along the way. Some might say that religious and professional relationships don’t mix well. In spite of any objections that might be raised, I can say that I advocated for hiring Grant’s company, and I support this decision without reservation. I have a number of reasons for this support. First, I have gotten to know Grant quite well during my time here at Trinity, and have come to know him as a very honest, decent person who is genuinely concerned with doing what is right much more than he is concerned with profit. Additionally, as a faithful parishioner at Trinity, Grant is reducing his standard fee by half, amounting to an extremely generous contribution back to the church. It should also be noted that Grant is a long-standing member not only of this parish, but of the Marble Falls area. He has worked hard over the years to establish his reputation in this community, and will no doubt continue to do so. Grant believes strongly in Trinity and our mission and vision, and, as hard as he always works for his clients, he will be extra motivated to ensure the success of this project. Finally, because Grant has done a considerable amount of construction work for Trinity in the past, his best recommendation is the quality of the work he has done for us in the past. That quality, and the integrity and faithfulness that Grant has brought to all of his work at Trinity, professional or otherwise, is the main reason I am so supportive of this decision. It is worth noting that the diocesan guidelines recommend involving a general contractor early in the design process, as we did with Grant. This allowed us to have the involvement of a knowledgeable builder every step of the way, which helped us make design decisions and control costs. Grant has donated a great deal of his time and expertise to work with Mike Delamore and our lead architect to find cost-effective alternatives, so he has already saved this church a great deal of money. Though Grant will oversee the entire project, around 80 percent of the actual cost associated with this construction will go to subcontractors, and Grant has received multiple bids within each sphere of work to ensure competitive pricing. He has kept the Building Committee updated with a list of subcontractors he has contacted, and the bids they have submitted. In this way Grant, as the general contractor, has ensured that we get the work done at the lowest possible cost. As I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, the pace of our work is picking up, and will only continue to build. But even as we work busily to complete this project, please remember that I am deeply committed to an open and transparent building process, and I am always more than happy to discuss with you any thoughts, concerns, or ideas you may have. In addition, you should always feel free to speak with any member of your vestry or the building committee. They share in my enthusiasm for the decisions that have been made, and join me in signing this letter.

Faithfully, Dave Sugeno, Rector

Cathy Boyd, Associate Rector

The Trinity Vestry

Dianna Walton, Senior Warden Gloria Lomax Mike Delamore, Junior Warden Jim Marquess Ryan Eberst Penny Miller Tony Koby John Watts Pam Link

The Building Committee

Mike Delamore, Chair, Herb Lewis, Abbi Breckwoldt, Bob Link, Kathy Kasparek, Dianna Walton

Food for the Poor

Next Sunday, July 13th, The Rev. William R. Beers, PhD. will be our guest preacher. He is an Episcopal Priest and preacher with Food for the Poor, Inc. an interdenominational ministry providing food and other needed supplies to the poor in the Caribbean and Latin Americas. A former hospital chaplain and university instructor in religion, philosophy, and the social sciences, Bill will share his experience of the poor in these regions with other people of faith.

Please join us at 8:00 or 10:30.

Jun 1, 2014

Father's Day Gift at Trinity June 15th at 2:00 pm

Terri Hendrix, an award-winning Texas songwriter who spins sorrow into joy and wrings wisdom from the blues with a poetic grace joins legendary producer/guitarist Lloyd Maines for a highly energetic and spiritually uplifting show. Donations welcome.

May 19, 2014

Parish Picnic Celebration

Trinity parishioners had a wonderful day for their annual picnic in Johnson Park.  We were entertained by Judge Gil Jones demonstrating his latest "toy", good food, and the trio of Rev Dave, Rev Cathy, and Amy Sugeno who played and led an old fashioned sing-a-long. See slideshow for pictures.

Apr 19, 2014

He Is Risen

Celebrate Easter with us 

8:00 am Holy Eucharist, Rite 1

10:30 am Holy Eucharist, Rite II

Flowering of the Cross,

Brass Ensemble

All are welcome